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Why you should go to GT12 during your work break!

Time is of the essence, and trying to fit in a whole work day, errands, family time, etc. is incredibly hard. 

And, yes, exercise should be a priority that should find its way into your daily schedule.

Here's why you should go to GT12 during your work break! 


1. Time-efficient

Schedules are always changing; things come up, and sometimes we're physically or mentally out of it to workout. So, when your body or mind are working at a higher capacity, we recommend jumping into GT12. 

GT12 is only 50 minutes of your time, and can easily fit in during your lunch break. Need to clean up? You've got that time to jump in for a quick shower, brush up, change, etc. Especially if you've got a workplace that allows you to eat at your work station, you can get your post-workout meal in! It's as if you never missed your lunch break or your workout. 

2. Mental break

Working out during a work day can be very positive on your mental health.

Because GT12 is a high-intensity circuit, it's a good switch up from mental stress to physical stress. It's a moment to clear your head space from your paperwork, improve your body, release the feel-good hormones, while having fun with others during the session. 


3. Improve morale

GT12 will help you before, during, and after a work day. 

By doing GT12 during your work break, you won't have to worry about waking up early for the morning workout, or staying a bit later and going home later. Our curated fitness program is built to improve a number of facets physically and mentally, from strength, cardiovascular health, functional movement, weight loss, mental toughness, and plenty more. 

You will build confidence, you will develop a healthy relationship with going to the gym, and your energy will improve in the workplace. You'll pay better attention to tasks assigned to you, you'll be more open to conversing and communicating, you'll feel good and look good.

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