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Why You Need a Standing Desk in your Workplace 

Our sedentary lifestyles are leading us to higher rates of illness and disease. Luckily, entrepreneurs and quick-thinkers are looking out for us, and the new craze of standing desks seems to be catching on! 

In every stage of our lives, sitting takes up a big part–we go to school, we have sedentary careers, we end up in care homes where we mainly sit. 

Today, less than 15% of Canadians having careers that incorporate some component of physical activity. It's so bad, that it's even been coined the "sitting disease." For a time, there was a belief that exercising or taking part in 30-minutes of physical activity each day could counter-balance the effects of sitting. Turns out, new research doesn't back that up!

And with technology, it's even easier for all of this time to add up without realizing it: we sit on our phones and email, then get caught up on Instagram for another hour, we sit at our desks all day, we sit while we commute, sit down for dinner, then crawl into bed.

If you're still wondering why you need a standing desk, try calculating how much time you spend on your tush each day. 

Why You Need a Standing Desk in your Workplace

On average, we sit nearly 10 hours each day.

Luckily, by incorporating standing each day, we can combat some of the negative side effects, like: 

  1. Heart disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity
  4. Cancer
  5. Back ache
  6. Dementia
  7. Depression
  8. Muscle degeneration 

Meet your new best work friend: the standing desk.

Why You Need a Standing Desk in your Workplace

To combat "sitting disease," standing desks have become the new "it" thing for companies that are trying to promote health and fitness in the workplace. In fact, it is now mandatory in Denmark for employers to offer employees a sit-stand desk. 

If you're looking to add a standing desk in your workplace, here a few to get you started: 

  • Whalen Adjustable Standing Desk provides a large work surface, great for dual-monitors, or to splay out your extra notebooks
  • Varidesk Cube Plus 40 is an adjustable, table top desk. With the pullout keyboard space, this desk is great for someone looking for proper form
  • Ergodriven Spark is the first-step in standing-desk territory. This low-cost option is perfect if you're looking to test out standing desks and whether it's a good fit for you

Why You Need a Standing Desk in your Workplace

Other ways you can incorporate standing into your work day: 

  • Stand while taking phone calls
  • Hold standing meetings or walking meetings
  • Set your alarm each hour to go get water and do a lap up and down the stairs
  • Set up an in-office squat or plank challenge!

Why You Need a Standing Desk in your Workplace

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