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Why Is GT12 Better Than Steady Cardio?

With 12 different types of exercises over 12 stations, GT12 includes athletic movements that most people should be doing. The movements performed are only in one plane for steady cardio exercises.

We live in a three dimensional world with three different planes of movements. The sagittal plane of movement where we move forward and backward is most typical in all gym exercises. GT 12 contains exercises with movements in the frontal plane (side to side) and transverse plane (rotation). Training our body in all planes of movements will help decrease the likelihood of injury overall.

GT12 contains unilateral exercises that can help correct imbalances in the body. Most steady state exercises only facilitate the imbalances. Steady state exercises, such as prolonged running could create more pain in the body.
If you are performing a wrong movement and continuously do it over time, the imbalance increases and eventually injury happens. Similar to a crack on a screen, initially it doesn't seem like a big deal but if keep poking at the crack it will become a bigger problem. 
GT12 is a high intensity interval training routine that has greater capability of burning more calories than steady state exercises. The high intensity intervals in GT12 allows for greater increase in muscle mass and higher metabolic rate after the workout.  Regular steady state workouts use the aerobic system to create energy and does not burn as much body fat in the long run. 
GT12 has a group training environment that helps with motivation to come to the gym. Most members struggle with motivation and fall off the saddle to get to their fitness goal. With GT12 a community is built among the participants that will boost the fun aspect in the gym and create motivation for members to continue. On the other hand, steady state exercises are similar to hamster on a wheel, if done for a long period of time, stagnation happens and decreases the motivation of anybody over time.
Certified personal trainers also supervise the GT12 classes to get members to their goals quickly and safely. A trainer helps supervise and correct your form during the session. While doing steady cardio without supervision, you might be doing the wrong movement pattern. 

Ready to Experience the Power of Group Fitness with the Results of Personal Training? Download your FREE week of GT12 now! 

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