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Types of Yoga: How To Choose The Right One For You

Yoga is an effective way to relax, meditate, release tight muscles, increase focus, decrease stress, and simply slow down a hectic life pace. But yoga can also heat the body up and increase the heart rate for a surprisingly satisfying sweaty workout!

The benefits of a regular yoga practice include increased flexibility and muscle tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, weight loss, enhanced metabolism, improved circulation, cardio vascular conditioning and athletic performance, and injury protection.

Now that you’re sold on the many advantages of making yoga a regular aspect of your weekly workout plans, where to start?


Navigating the many variations and options of yoga styles and hybrids can be confusing at best. Here is a breakdown of the true meaning and intention of yoga, and the many fantastic yoga options found at SNFC.


Yoga in Sanskrit literally means to yoke or unite. The union in yoga is referring to the mind, body and spirit of the self. Through breathing and alignment of the body in different postures, one improves the ability meditate, stretch, strengthen and increase focus. Meditation, or the “exercise of contemplation”, has been proven to enhance mental alertness and focus – who doesn’t want more of that?

SNFC offers many options when it comes to yoga classes, so there is something for everyone. Traditional offerings are simply Yoga (or foundational/multi-level Hatha Yoga), Flow, Yin, and Power. We also offer unique variations such as Joga, Yoga for Sports, and Fusion which blend formats to further interest and challenge participants.

Here’s the low down on each class format:

The Foundation

Yoga or Hatha Yoga is the foundation of any basic yoga practice. One will learn to challenge their mental and physical state while strengthening the body, improving posture and flexibility. This is the perfect class for beginners. Touching toes not required.

For a Deeper Stretch


Yin Yoga is a great way to release muscles, and create length. Expect to hold postures longer 3 + minutes. The amount of postures may be limited due to the slower tempo of the class. Find yourself working on your breath as well as your ability to meditate. (Pro tip: No Stress Stretch as a non-yoga class option that also emphasizes flexibility training!).

Moving with Intention

Flow Yoga (or Vinyasa Flow) promotes moving with your breath through postures that will heat the body. Improve balance and breath control and get a little sweaty.

Time to get sweaty

Power Yoga is a dynamic and energetic practice, allowing you to build endurance, strength, and concentration. Increase your heart rate, sweat and feel your muscles burn while improving flexibility, complimenting any sport or activity.

Take the challenge to the next level

Yoga for Sports build strength and flexibility with casual or serious athletes. In this class improve performance while reducing risk of sports related injuries.

Core concentration

Joga or “yoga for jocks” is a specialized class designed to challenge and build strength in every day and experienced athletes alike. This class is a systematic approach to improve breathing, alignment, and core strength.

Pilates/Yoga hybrid

Fusion is the best of both worlds, combining the core focus of Pilates with the strength and integrity of quality yoga movements and postures. Sculpt, stretch and condition the body while working on your breath and alignment.

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