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5 Mental Health Apps That Will You Help On A Daily Basis

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Most Common Gym Machine Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

By Erick Chand April 18, 2019
Today I’ll be talking about the most common gym machine mistakes amongst gym goers. I’ve taken the liberty to pick a couple machines, that I’ve seen as a trainer, being used with some mistakes and...

Get Ready For Summer With The 31 Day Squat Challenge by Lorna Jane!

By Lorna Jane Active Living April 15, 2019
There’s no denying The Booty is having a serious moment – no if’s or but’s about it (see what we did there?), so we decided it was high time we all got low… literally.

Improve Your Marathon Performance At The Gym With These Exercises

By Hagen Kals April 10, 2019
Wait, I'm supposed to do more than just running?" is a question I'm often asked by clients wanting to improve their running performance. That is correct! Running should be supplemented with strength...

Best Routine For Toned and Shapely Shoulders!

By Sarah Wright April 3, 2019
Summer feels just around the corner and that means tank tops, short sleeves, and bathing suits! The number one request around this season is for tips to improve flabby arms and give a nice toned...

7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Cardio Exciting & Safe!

By Eduardo Coello March 28, 2019
When it comes to cardio workouts it is usually the last thing we put our effort on it. We think an hour on the treadmill or 30 minutes on the Stairmaster will do the trick, which makes our cardio...

Top Workouts To Improve Your Explosiveness

By Tony MinChin March 21, 2019
Explosive training is an effective way to improve all areas of fitness. Used for athletes and beginners alike, it can be incorporated into any fitness routine for benefits in improving the reaction...

The Fundamentals And Benefits of Strength Training

By David Twomey March 20, 2019
Strength training in Hollywood movies is usually portrayed as that buff guy lifting a bar with a ton of plates on it. Yeah, that's not a great example of it! 

What Training Regiments Can Help You Boost Your Basketball Performance

By Gurj Chohan March 19, 2019
If an athlete is to improve their physical performance (regardless of the sport), they should model their workouts around the nature of that sport. When we talk about the nature of the sport, the...

Should You Workout While Sick?

By Gabriel Sarta March 13, 2019
You start enjoying your new exercise routine and without any signs come a cold or flu. What you should do? Skip the gym? Go to the gym with no energy and the risk of injury?