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The dreaded C word...Cellulite! How to Get Rid of It!

By Trainer November 21, 2012
It is estimated that over eighty-percent of women have cellulite. Cellulite is the lumpy substance made up of fat, toxins and water that gets trapped beneath the skin resulting in ripples and dimples...

5 Best Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

By Trainer November 21, 2012
The holidays are upon us, and it’s gift-giving time. You’ve planned your shopping list, but you’re still now sure what to give the fitness buff in your life – the one who makes staying in shape top...

How Writing a Bucket List can Help Your Emotional Growth

By Trainer November 7, 2012
Bucket List Benefits  You may have heard about the concept of writing a bucket list before you die, and wondered what all the fuss was about. After all, there are many reasons why a bucket list might...

Baking with Kids can be Healthy & Fun

By Trainer November 7, 2012
Healthier Baking Alternatives Cookies, candies, and cakes—oh my! Treats packed with refined sugars and artificial colors, flavours, and preservatives can lead to less than jolly moods and behaviour...

Tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

By Trainer October 23, 2012
What it takes To Live a Healthy Lifestyle The year 2012 has seen the number of women succumbing to lifestyle related diseases rise outrageously. According to recent medical research, 2 out of every 7...

Health Benefits of Seaweed

By Trainer October 23, 2012
Kelp - Seaweed Superfoods Kelp is a type of seaweed, widely distributed throughout the world’s oceans. Technically it belongs to a class of organisms called protoctists, sharing some similarities...

Barefoot Running: Pros & Cons

By Trainer October 9, 2012
Should you Run Barefoot? Lately, the trend toward minimalist running shoes and even shoes that mimic bare feet is increasing.  The reason, in part, is due to a 2010 Harvard University study that...

Stress-Free Holiday Planning

By Trainer October 3, 2012
Impress While Stressing Less During the Holidays With the holidays coming up, it’s no surprise that more people are going to be spending time in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Dinner - What to Avoid

By Trainer October 3, 2012
Manage Thanksgiving Dinner with Portion Control Overeating is a Thanksgiving tradition practiced by families across the country. But as waistlines expand Canada wide, people are paying closer...