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Event Recap: Spinathon 2019

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Instructors of the Month: Flossie Green and JP Fenton

This month we have TWO instructors of the month! Flossie Green and JP Fenton! Congratulations ladies.

Instructor of the Month: Shantelle Dixon

Our Instructor of the Month for September is Shantelle Dixon! Shantelle has been teaching group fitness classes since 1986. With almost 30 years of instructor experience, Shantelle shows no signs of...

Instructor of the Month: Sharon Freeman

Sharon Freeman is our Instructor of the Month! She is such an inspiration to us and our members. Fitness has always been part of her life, and after being diagnosed with a rare disease, she didn't...

Instructor of the Month: Michelle Weisbom

Michelle Weisbom is our instructor of the month for July. Michelle has been teaching for eleven years! She is such an inspiration, transforming from a student of group fitness to an instructor. She...

Instructor of the month: Kathrine Tuason

Kathrine Tuason is this June's Instructor of the Month! She actually started out as a full-time pastry chef, and was recruited to become an instructor because of her enthusiasm and passion for group...

Instructor of the Month: Kathy White

May's instructor of the month is Kathy White. She has been teaching all over the Lower Mainland and in various resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico for the past 27 years!

Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Aubrey

Our instructor of the month for April is Elizabeth Aubrey. With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Elizabeth is a well-rounded, educated and passionate part of our group fitness...

Johnny Vuong: Personal Trainer Extraordinaire

If you workout at the Richmond Sports Club chances are that you have seen Johnny Vuong.  Working long hours to make sure that his clients achieve their fitness goals and maintain optimal health,...