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Top Nutrition Hacks Our Personal Trainers Wish You Knew!

There's a ton of misleading info around nutrition “dos” & “don’ts” and to top it off magazines, celebs and pretty much all social media platforms  are constantly throwing the “new trend” in our face. Navigating through it all can be overwhelming,  frustrating and it becomes really difficult to truly know what works, and what will stick.

At the end of it all, there are some key elements that everyone should understand about their nutrition:

Not a one size fits all

Every person is unique, each body processes things differently, is shaped differently, some may have dietary restrictions and different needs to function properly, etc. Some individuals may need to try a few different things to really figure out what works best for them and what works for their lifestyle, but ultimately seeking out assistance from someone who has the knowledge and experience can really help take out all the guess work.

Nutrition Hacks!

You don’t need to HATE what you’re eating to get results

It’s all about moderation, and unless you’re doing a fitness show you don’t need to cut out all your favourite foods to get the body you want. Imagine telling a toddler they can’t play with their toys anymore; they’re going to throw a fit!

As an adult, if you are told you can’t eat the things you like ever again, you’re more than likely not going to stick to the plan, let alone build a lifestyle change that you can continue on forever. By all means, I’m not saying you can eat McDonalds all day every day, but you can definitely work in a  glass of wine, or a piece of cheesecake into your week without sabotaging your results. The key is moderation, and having something to look forward to that you really love allows you to live your life.

Carbohydrates and Nutrition.

Carbs are not the enemy

You need carbohydrates in your life. Carbs are an essential fuel source for your muscles unlike cardio which uses the aerobic system, oxygen aka breathing. When you're lifting weights, your body relies on those carbs, which are stored in the muscle as glycogen. This helps fuel the workout and also helps you recover post-workout alongside of protein.

Making smarter carb choices (complex vs. simple) and understanding how much to eat is key depending on your goals. Cutting out all your carbs is going to give you low energy, slower recovery, and ultimately make you cranky. Even Keto Diets shouldn’t be maintained for more than 2 years at max, and as soon as you reintroduce carbs you typically see weight gain once again.

All in all nutrition doesn’t have to be made complicated, but it does need to be personalized to your body, your goals, your lifestyle and your likes. Nutrition should be looked at as a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix for that beach vacation upcoming.

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