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5 Meal Planning Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

It’s 2018 and you have New Year's resolutions to stick to!

We’re guessing eating better and saving money score pretty high on your “must do” resolutions.

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Did you know that meal planning can help with your nutrition and fitness goals? When you prepare for the week ahead, you're less likely to pick up that sugar-filled muffin for breakfast, or grab that pre-made salad for lunch.

When you eat whole and healthy food, it's easier to lose weight and stick with a healthy lifestyle! 

To help you out, we want to give you meal planning tips to take through the year! 

5 Meal Planning Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

1. Buy groceries on a different day than you cook.

If you buy groceries on Sunday morning, the last thing you will want to do is spend the day in the kitchen.

By separating shop/prep days, it makes the workload seem much lighter, and leaves lots of time to do other fun activities (or hit the gym!).

2. Have a clean space.

An overcrowded cooking space, or a sink already full of dishes can make cooking a lot of food seem overwhelming.

Start by clearing out your cooking space, and get the pots and pans that you need ready for use. The less you need to open/close drawers and cupboards, the less time you’ll spend in the kitchen.

3. Think batch cooking.

Don’t meal prep to have 21 different meals during the week. Try creating separate dishes that you can mix and match. Some of our favourite items to keep on hand are:

  • Roasted veggies (like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, or carrots)
  • Pre-washed and cut greens (like kale and spinach)
  • Cooked protein (lentils, boiled eggs, chicken breast)
  • Cooked grains (like brown rice or quinoa)
  • Breakfast items (like granola or a frittata

4. Utilize the different cooking appliances in your kitchen.

Try to use your whole stove when meal prepping. Roast, boil, bake, etc. Even bring the crock pot in for big weeks. The more space you utilize at the same time, the faster you will get your prep done.


  • Stove top: Cooking beans, boiling eggs, steaming veggies
  • Oven: Roasting vegetables
  • Crockpot: Roasting a chicken

5 Meal Planning Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

5. Your freezer is your best friend.

Is next weekend chaotic? Are you batch cooking for 2 weeks rather than one? Did you just not use everything you thought you would?

Introducing: your freezer. Make soups or chili and save it in your freezer for the next week (this is when a crock pot becomes our best friend!)  

Be sure to check-in with our blog as we give you recipes throughout the year to help you stay on track and incorporate into your #MealPrepSunday.

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