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Top 10 New Fitness Trends of 2019

Let’s see what direction fitness is heading in this year. Check out the major Fitness Trends of 2019!

1. Active Recovery

When planning a workout program, it is essential to allow time for your body to get the proper amount of rest. Without recovery time, you can become fatigued, notice a lack of progress towards your fitness goal, or sustain an injury. Now, this does not mean you have to passively sit on the couch for a day to allow your muscles to recover.

Foam rolling techniques, for example, allow you to take initiative and actively assist your muscles to heal and recover from previous workouts. These techniques that allow you to take action are able to break up the lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles after exercise and will decrease cramping and knots. Other tools that have become popular with active recovery are vibratory and percussion tools such as the Hypersphere and Hypervolt from Hyperice.

2. Wearable Tech


Technology such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch are still remaining popular inside and outside the gyms. By being able to monitor your heart-rate as well as how many calories you have burned throughout an activity, users are able to ensure that their workouts are efficient and effective towards getting to their desired fitness goals.

Even those who are beginners to adding exercise into their daily lives are able to see the benefits by tracking how many steps they take in a day. Hitting 10,000 steps a day consistently can be effective and an easy change in your lifestyle for those who are just starting their weight loss journey!

3. Small Group Training


Smaller group training classes are rising in popularity within the fitness industry. Due to the decreased class size, there is a stronger sense of community as you get to know your fellow group members who begin to regularly participate. This also encourages some friendly competition as you try to challenge yourself, as well as each other, during the class. GT12 is a prime example of how small group training creates a positive and inclusive workout space!

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4. Fitness for Older Adults

This type of specialized fitness has been increasing in popularity due to the Baby Boomer generation steadily becoming older and retiring. Now it’s time to enjoy the retirement years and make the most of them!

Feeling fit enough to have adventures and well as filling the day with active hobbies rather than staying stationary is the goal. No matter the age, it is never too late to add fitness into your daily routine!

5. Functional Training


Not only is functional training beneficial for older adults, but it can be effective for anyone with mobility, strength, or balance issues due to an accident, illness, or perhaps someone who has always lived a sedentary lifestyle. This type of training simulates daily tasks performed at home or at work in order to make day to day life easier and not as exhausting. This specific training can greatly improve your quality of life!

6. Kickboxing


Kickboxing can be a great alternative to the treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical for your cardio workouts! Aside from being a very empowering form of exercise, it also includes a bit of strength training as well as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in order to make it an effective workout to add to your fitness program.

7. Low Carb Diet


Still remaining trendy among those who wish to lose weight are low carb diets. Cutting down on carbs is an efficient method to decreasing body fat as the body begins to burn fat rather than glucose when using energy. Now, this trend also translates over to people who may not be able to have certain carb foods due to allergies such as gluten.

Because of the popularity of these diets, more and more restaurants are including gluten sensitive as well as low carb meals on their menus. This trend benefits those who choose to refrain from eating certain carbs, as well as people who do not have a choice by having other appetizing options when eating out!

8. Personal Training

Working out and following a program with an educated trainer has been becoming more and more popular. Not only do you get a second pair of eyes to ensure your form won’t cause an injury or that you’re activating the correct muscles, but they can assist you with getting to your goal faster than you may have on your own. Knowledge in nutrition, personally programming specific workouts that focus on your goals, and guiding you on how to alter your lifestyle in a healthy way is only a small portion on what working with a trainer can accomplish!

9. Motivation Through Social Media

Finding different fitness groups online is beginning to pick up in popularity lately. Those with similar goals are able to form groups where you can keep each other accountable. A close knit community can be formed where you can encourage friendly competition and emotional support through your fitness journeys.

10. Mental Fitness

Living a healthy lifestyle is not limited to how active you are or your nutrition habits. People are opening up about mental health now more than ever! Practicing mindfulness techniques daily, for example, can help successfully reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Meditating by taking just 10 minutes a day to sit down and focus on your breath, inhale…pause…exhale, is another method where we can let go of the day’s tension.

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