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Tips to Staying Motivated And Disciplined During The Winter!

The winter season is here, bringing us the bright lights, the gifts, the food, and the fun. 

It's a great time to treat yourself and the ones you love, giving you a reason to enjoy, stay home, shop-till-you-drop, and eat all of the treats. 

However, what often gets lost during this time of the year is your fitness, or your ability to stay on top of your fitness level, your workout routine, or your nutrition. 

Most of the time, we come out of this time of year a couple pounds heavier, a couple energy notches lower, while relying on a New Year's resolution to get us back on track. 

In this case, you've already taken two steps back, then one step forward. You're trying to catchup all over again.

Well, I'm here to help you stay on track to being fit, to living a healthy life, and coming out of the winter season and into the New Year better than before. 

1. Buy new workout gear! 

Yeah... we know there's a hole in your pocket this time of the year. But, if you're already spending money, why don't you focus on buying something that'll motivate you and improve your ability to workout? 

There are a ton of ideas from weightlifting shoes, a new gym bag, a sleek water bottle, a weightlifting belt, your personal TRX bands, some warmer activewear, and more. 

Our brains get this push of sporting new things and putting them into action. Trust me, that new pair of shoes or leggings will give you that extra 'umph' to workout. 

2. Buddy up! 


If you're a lone wolf — like me — I can guarantee you this is one of the hardest times to get up, transit to the gym, and workout. There are just so many factors like... 'it's too cold,' or 'I feel so warm and comfortable in bed.' 

This might be the time to put away your pride and ask a friend to be your workout buddy. It's tough enough as it is trusting yourself to be motivated in getting out of bed to keep up with your 5 a.m. workouts.

It's good to have that secondary source of motivation — or irritation — telling you to get up out of bed, to push through a long day, or to skip that extra piece of pizza to get in the gym and workout. 

There's also Personal Training available! To have someone there tracking all of these things for you, pushing you a little bit past your limit will help keep you accountable to your goals and what you're trying to accomplish.

3. Switch up your routine. 

As a new season comes in, the weather changes, and so does your mood and your decision-making. 

If things are changing all around us, why not change the workout routine, too?

A change in what you're doing in the gym, on the track, or at home, will help your brain adjust to the things in transition.

You don't want to be bored, you wan't to be excited. A lot of the time, when new things happen in our lives, we get anxious... in the best way possible! To know you're about to do something different, leads us into believing that we'll get new and different results. 

4. Make a spring goal.


Give yourself a timeline. 

By setting a big goal in the Spring season,  you'll have to keep yourself mentally accountable in staying on track with your fitness and nutrition. 

Any days wasted during the winter season only sets you back; before you know, we'll have reached March when the temperature has risen a bit, and you're mere weeks away before you're supposed to see some results.

But, all you've done is eat, sleep in, and... eat some more.

Set a big spring goal, whether it's to compete in a race, run a marathon, or be in a weightlifting competition; you'll feel motivated to keep pushing regardless of the season. 

5. Warm up inside! 

We get it, it's cold. It's so much easier staying snuggled up in blankets, sleeping an extra hour waiting for the sun to rise. 

But, you have to adapt! One way you could do it is by sleeping in your workout clothes.

Yes, kinda weird, but, at least you'll be warm, and if your workout routine begins in the morning, you're one step ahead. 

You can also try doing some exercises before heading out to the gym, like some squats, some jumping jacks, push-ups, or some sit-ups. Make sure you have space, though. You don't want to stub your toe on the end of the bed frame. 

Get a tiny sweat going before you head to the gym so that you're mentally and physically prepared to push through a workout without the cold in mind.

The winter season is a tough one to navigate, especially if you're trying to stay fit. Wanna stay accountable and get some extra motivation? Get a free session of Personal Training! Trust me.

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