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Tips to Help You Have The BEST Group Fitness Class!

If you regularly attend group fitness classes, you’re already familiar with the infectious joy of a great class. From the high energy of Group Cycling and Zumba, to the intense muscle-building focus of Buff Body and Axle Loaded, or the deep relaxing breath-work and satisfying alignment found in Yoga or Pilates; the community of a class and support of a motivating instructor is undoubtedly the secret to developing and maintaining a healthy fitness habit.  

For those uninitiated or returning after a summer hiatus, it is worth reviewing the etiquette that makes for optimizing the group fitness class experience.

Here are a few useful tips for before, during and after class:

Before Class


Check the schedule!

Our online schedules are updated regularly, and posted in clubs. Note the studio, day/time and format to expect. Use our Find a Class feature to hone in on your preferred formats and times that best suit your schedule!


Arrive on time.

Anticipate travel time and parking, grabbing a ticket from the kiosk (if needed), changing, and filling up your water bottle. Arriving on time allows you to get a spot in class, touch base with the instructor, ask questions, and get the lay of the land in terms of necessary equipment and format details. 

Stash your belongings in the locker

Personal items on the floor are a tripping hazard. Wet umbrellas are also a no-no!


Move forward.

We know the shy ones like to hover in the back, but it makes for a challenging start as people filter in and have no room. Being upfront means that you can see and hear the instructor’s cues even better. And changing your “usual spot” regularly actually keeps your brain young! 

Can you hear me?

Let your instructor know if you can’t hear them, or if the music volume is too soft or too loud. We aim to please all preferences, but have parameters within which to work based on safety and set limits.

During Class:


5min Rule.

If the class is already underway, you have 5min grace from the start time to join. After that, you have missed the warm-up and important class information that will make it unsafe and disruptive for you to join. Please choose an alternative workout or catch the next possible class.

Follow the leader.

Instructors are there to guide, educate, and inspire. All movements should have a modification or higher intensity options to accommodate all abilities. Follow the cues and aim to find the best pace to suit your own fitness level and goals. Doing something completely different is distracting and disruptive. Let an instructor know after class if there was something they could have done differently to improve your experience.

Limited Studio Entry.

Once a class is underway, the general understanding is the class takes priority, and other members are not to enter. We may have staff who need to retrieve equipment to serve another member, but a constant in and out is definitely not cool.

Temperature Control.

How is it one participant is too hot while another is too cold? Like music volume, we are all different, and everyone has their personal preference. A kind reminder that our A/C systems operate best when doors remain closed. Positioning yourself near fans for cooling, and layering up for warmth, are your best bets for personal comfort.

After Class:


Connect with your instructor.

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Our instructors love hearing from you! Beyond your instructor, comments can be shared with your Group Fitness Manager – their business card is always available at the front desk.

Connect with fellow members.

Creating social bonds outside of class is one of the best ways to build your fitness support system. Workout together and grab coffee afterwards… holding each other accountable leads to outstanding results!

Take a Sweaty Selfie.

We love to see how much you enjoyed your workout on social media! Be sure to follow us on all the major social channels at Facebook and Instagram (@stevenashfitnessclubs); and use hashtags #snfc #sngroupfitness #beyondsnfc

Before you leave

Check out the class schedule on your way out. Is there another class format you’re curious to try? If you enjoyed your instructor, what other classes do they teach? Set an intention of returning for another class in the same week and you’re on your way to making this group fitness class thing a habit!

Want to try more than 900 weekly group fitness classes at our clubs? Download your FREE 7-day pass now! 

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