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4 Activities To Do With Your Family On Family Day

February 18th is Family Day in BC, a day where we spend quality time with our families and appreciate the moments we have together.

Family Day can be a great opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime, especially if you have younger children. We want to help you make the most out of this holiday!

Here are 4 activities you can do with your family this Family Day!

Visit Whistler


Whistler, BC is a winter wonderland paradise. If your family loves getting out and getting active, there are so many things for you to do up there.

Whistler is first and foremost, a ski resort. So naturally, skiing and snowboarding are quintessential activities to do while you are there. If your skiing and snowboarding is a family past time, you can hit the slopes right away. If you are brand new to the sport, sign-up for family lessons.

If skiing and snowboarding isn't your speed, snowshoeing is a fun way to get active in the snow. There are so many different snowshoe trails at your disposal, so you won't get bored easily!

No matter what you do up there, go early to avoid the holiday crowds!

Go Hiking!

As you are probably aware, BC has an abundance of hiking trails. If you are looking for something active to do with your family on Family Day, take advantage of these trails and their gorgeous views!

Make no mistake about it, these hikes are tough and are only made tougher with the snow that they will likely be covered in. You should plan any of these hikes to take up most of your day. Hit the trails early to take advantage of daylight and any crowds that might have the same idea as you. You will also want to layer up and wear proper hiking boots.

Workout With Your Kids

Teaching your kids about exercise is one of the most important lessons you can teach them. While doing traditional workouts with them might be a bit premature (depending on their age), there are ways to turn everyday activities into kid friendly workouts!

If you teach them early to enjoy exercise and treat it like a priority, they will be more likely to carry that mindset over into their adulthood.

Cook Together


Cooking is an essential lifeskill everyone needs to learn, so why not teach your kids this lesson early?

There are so many ways to get your kids in the kitchen and keep them entertained. Have them help you prepare dinner for that evening. You can teach them about each ingredient and why you are using it, while showing them exactly how you are using it for your recipe. They will learn more about nutrition, and you will have some help getting dinner made, it's a win/win!

Another way to make your time in the kitchen fun for them is to make bake healthy treats with them. There is no better way to teach them moderation when it comes to the sweeter things in life than with treats they make themselves. They can learn about sugar alternatives, natural sweeteners, and incorporate more fruits into their diet with the right set of healthy baking recipes! You and your kids can have fun together in the kitchen, then enjoy the fruit of your labor afterwards!

Learn more about recipes you can make with your family during a free nutrition consultation!

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