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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Guide

Pre-workout comes in more ways than one. Most people automatically think the most effective and obvious is supplementation, but that's a common misconception. Pre-workout food is just as important, if not MORE, than the supplement that gives you a killer caffeine boost. 
But what should you eat before you workout? Well, it really does depend on your personal goal & what kind of workout you are about to engage in (i.e cardio or weight training). 

Weight Training

When it comes to lifting weights you need fuel in your body, specifically your muscles. Weight training utilizes your anaerobic system, which pretty much just means, carbs break down into a sugar (glycogen) which stores in the muscle to provide energy for your lifting. With no fuelling before you lift, there will be a lack of energy and your body isn't going to perform optimally, leading to faster fatigue and reduced strength.


If your going to be lifting weights you should give your body about a 45 min window prior to hitting the gym for proper digestion and breakdown of your food. The best food for pre-workout can be as simple as some fruit, a banana, pineapple or an apple.

You want to avoid heavy foods, or full blown meals as the digestion process would be much longer and you don't want to feel bloated or gas-y during your lifts. The amount you eat pre-workout should vary slightly based on your goals. If you are looking to gain muscle you will be taking in a lot more then someone who is looking for weight loss.


This is something you can easily perform fasted (nothing in the tank). If your running a marathon, I wouldn't recommend it, but for shorter distances there's no problem! The best part about cardio is you are really only utilizing your aerobic system, a.k.a. your lungs.


Your oxygen is the main source of performance here so you technically don't need fuel in the muscles to do this. However if you are going for performance or looking to improve a time, fuelling would be essential just like weight training.


Some people love it, some people hate it, but pre work supplements do provide an extra boost of energy if your looking for something to wake you up or help you focus. The only issue a lot of people face is the crash afterwards due to the high caffeine levels, or the dreaded "itch" which is caused by the amount of Beta-Alanine in the product.

If you want a pre-workout thats doesn't give you the "crash" you will want a non stimulate one, such as Biotsteel pre-workout which is 100% natural, provides consistent energy with no crash effect.

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