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The Sunny Day Bike Rides You Need to Try Around Vancouver

It's that time of year where everyone's out catching some sunshine, and spending a slow Sunday afternoon hanging out at the park.

Grab your bike and make the most of the day!

What better way to get a little exercise and venture into the great outdoors than on a bike? If you have visitors in town, it's an even better way to show them around the city and make them feel like they're a real Vancouverite! 
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Everyone has their favourite, so here are our 3 sunny day bike rides that you need to try!  

The Sunny Day Bike Rides You Need to Try Around Vancouver

1. Stanley Park Seawall 

This is the essential go-to for anyone who is visiting the city. It's easy to rent a bike for any one of the rental shops all along the seawall. 

The full ride around the park shouldn't take more than an hour, unless you plan to stop to take in the views (which we think you should!).


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2. Richmond Dyke

A mid-length ride will take you along the West Dyke Recreational Trail to the Steveston/South Dyke and is a great ride for the whole family. 

With views of the mountains, you'll also get a little closer to wildlife as this trail is a little less travelled that the on-road routes or tourist attractions like the Seawall in Vancouver. 



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3. Central Valley Greenway 

Running from Vancouver to New West, this is another busier ride that will take you on both gravel and road routes. More suitable toward experienced adult riders, this ride is about 24 km for the full route. If you plan to make it a round-trip, you're looking at about 50 km. 


You don't need to just save a ride for the weekend! Run errands, bike to work, etc. 

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