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The Story of GT12: The Best, New Training Program in Town

GT12 is the best, new training program in town.

Launched in November 2018, GT12, a curated small group fitness program, was created by Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club to bring members a new experience to help enhance and achieve their fitness goals.

What is GT12?

This new program is SNFC’s version of high-intensity interval training, fusing the company’s two favourite pillars of fitness in cardio and resistance training, together. 

A certified personal trainer leads GT12; an instructor, in which they push and rotate you through 12 different exercises and workout stations for 45 seconds.

This training circuit only lasts for 50 minutes, maximizing the most out of your time as you break a sweat, boost your cardio, and improve your conditioning, burning over 1200 calories in a week.

Unlike other HIIT comparisons, GT12 has integrated 12 teams of two, motivating you to be held accountable, and to challenge your partner when they're falling behind! 

GT12 aims to help you and every member attain their personal fitness goals, whether it's to lose weight or body fat, improve their performance or conditioning, or simply learn new things at the gym. 

The training program brings a number of benefits, such as:

  • Improving balance,
  • Getting stronger,
  • Conditioning the body for everyday life,
  • Time-efficiency,
  • Working out with friends or a gym buddy,
  • Learning new ways to workout,


This training regiment incorporates different equipment, exercises, and machines that fuse different programs together, giving participants a creative workout experience. 

Exercises and equipment range from: 

  • Calisthenics
  • Box jumps
  • Tires and battle ropes
  • TRX
  • Rowing machine
  • Bulgarian bag, and plenty more!

How was GT12's concept designed?

Our fitness executives, experts, and trainers, explored the different concepts and exercises of various well-known HIIT and circuit-training programs, and considered what works and what doesn't. They combined different cardio and resistance training exercises to build a cohesive yet hybrid-workout program that provides a full-body workout that can be alternated over time.

Why was GT12 created?

GT12 was invented to keep members happy, provide more options to achieve various fitness goals, and to satisfy a new audience in the industry. 

Members will have the opportunity to build relationships and connections with other group participants, their partners, and their instructors. We want to bring something more community-oriented that feels like a family working out, and not just a circuit you attend during the day. 

Who is GT12 for? 

GT12 is available for everyone from busy moms, working professionals, competitive athletes, or beginners. While the circuit can be challenging, the regiment was designed to welcome all, and restrict none.

Parents and working professionals can reap the benefits of GT12; break a sweat with an under-an-hour workout session that you can slot right into your schedule. 

Competitive athletes will be able to improve their cardiovascular health, stamina, and condition, strength, and develop discipline and mental toughness!

Beginners who are stepping into the gym for the first time will have the help of the GT12 instructor! They'll help you station-by-station, assist with your form and technique, and add regressions or progressions like increase/decrease in weight to accommodate you.


Where does GT12 happen?

GT12 is available exclusively at all Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club locations across the province—that's 23 clubs and growing! 


When does GT12 happen? 

GT12 sessions happen 7 days a week, all throughout the day at all locations! Check here to view the schedule at your nearest club location!  

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