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The Group Fitness Classes That Will Give You Major Strength Gains

When it comes to working out, nothing feels better than making strength gains in the gym.

Strength training is the ultimate way to sculpt, tone, and get you to your lean muscle mass goals, faster. It will decrease body fat, release feel-good hormones and leave you feeling stronger both mentally and physically.

But, walking into a gym and knowing where to start with specific exercises and equipment can be intimidating and confusing. Taking a group fitness class that focuses on strength is an easy, stress-free solution to up your training savvy and get you looking and feeling your best.

The Group Fitness Classes That Will Give You Major Strength Gains

At SNFC, our strength-based, group fitness classes are fun, enjoyable, and balanced, leading to results you didn't even know were possible!

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First, here are a few basic tips to get you lifting safely and effectively in class:

  • Start light. Don’t go gangbusters out of the gates. 2.5-5lbs dumbbells or just the long bar with no weight plates is totally acceptable for the first few classes.
  • Focus on form. Listen to the important cues on posture, breathing, and where you should be feeling the exercise the most. It’s okay to check yourself out in the mirror to self-correct your form–you’re not being vain! 
  • Know when to move up. The point of strength training is to actually fatigue muscles. If you don’t get to that point, you won’t create the overload needed to create muscle repair and increased strength. Progress gradually in weight amounts when you find you’re at the end of a set, but can still manage 5-10 more reps.
  • Good vs. Bad soreness. Good soreness is feeling a slight reminder in your muscles one to two days after a strength-based workout. Bad soreness is truly painful and debilitating and lasts beyond two days. That’s a signal that you did too much. Set a goal of experiencing only good soreness and note to scale back when you experience bad soreness. Do light cardio to recover faster and make sure you’re pain-free before your next strength workout.

Now that you have the basics, be sure to check out our amazing strength building classes such as Total 360, Buff Body, B-Lift, or the new Axle Full Body format.

Total 360

This is a classic well rounded workout providing 20min of cardio, followed by 20min of strength, and finishes off with 20min of core work, and a stretch. If you want a balanced workout to cover all your fitness bases, this is your go-to.

Buff Body

Attend this class if you're looking for strictly strength training–it involves a variety of muscle sculpting sequences that alternate between lower and upper body exercises. Using dumbbells and other tools such as gliding discs or stability balls keep it interesting and never allow for boredom or a plateau.


B-Lift is available at select clubs that have long bars with weight plates. Lift and press your desired amount of weight for exercises that focus on full body power such as squats, lunges, and bent over rows.

The Group Fitness Classes That Will Give You Major Strength Gains

Axle Full Body

This class uses the newest and most exciting tool in fitness. The Axle is a light bar with wheels on either end that allow for traditional weight training exercises but also creates incredibly diverse and challenging rolling exercises as well. Train and stabilize the core like never before and really shake up your routine with the Axle!

Improving overall strength has a powerful positive impact on mental outlook, and increases total metabolism to aide in weight management. Other benefits are improvements in core strength (i.e. better back health), and enhanced functional movement patterns that reduce injuries both in sport and life.

A fitness regime just isn't complete without some great strength training workouts at least 2-3 times per week that target your major muscle groups.

A strong sculpted body is easier than ever to achieve when you just have to show up and take a class. Make it a no-brainer and try one of our strength-based classes today!

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