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Success Story: Why Justin B. Made a Big Life Change

Justin had always been bigger, despite numerous diet attempts. He resigned to being big for the rest of his life. 

For most of his life, Justin was able to maintain a comfortable weight that would let him go about his daily routine. But eventually, his weight began to increase and he couldn't get it under control. 

This weight led to Justin feeling depressed, but looking for more out of his life. He wanted to be able to tie his shoes and breathe at the same time. 

A hard conversation with his brother was the turning point for Justin. He realized then that he did have control over his body size, and knew it was time to make a big life change.  

Success Story: Why Justin B. Made a Big Life Change

Justin started out with a meal-plan overhaul. By the end of week one he had dropped 10 lbs. This confidence added to Justin's determination. He felt he had a new life and a new attitude. 

Now with a 3 month old son, I'm more determined than ever to maintain my weightloss and teach my son to have a healthy relationship with his body and food.

With his new son, Justin needs a place that he can find the motivation he may not have after a few sleepless nights, and the flexibility to keep up with an ever-changing routine as his son grows. 

He's found that place at Surrey Fitness World!

It has provided an encouraging environment with lots of options to for me to maintain my weight loss and healthy life style.

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