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Success Story: How Wendy Defied the Odds After Surgery With Fitness

Sometimes, starting a fitness journey as a senior also means combatting a variety of chronic diseases and injuries that can be the result of years of being out of sync with your body. 

Wendy T. joined Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in January 2011, after being told by her doctor that she had several chronic conditions–obesity, severe asthma, was pre-diabetic, and suffered from severe osteoarthritis of the right hip. 

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Luckily, she found a supportive team of members and staff at Cambie Fitness World through group training sessions and group fitness. And until 2015, this new routine had Wendy feeling fit and got her off of her doctors "watch list". 

Success Story: How Wendy Defied the Odds After Surgery With Fitness

Fitness is a funny thing. Depending on where you're starting, it can mean a chronic injury is completely cleared from your body. However, sometimes the issues lie a little deeper, and when the damage is done, sticking with a fitness routine is important to support the injury and minimize your everyday issues. 

For Wendy, her hip became a problem once again in 2015 when it lost all of it's cartilage–it was bone on bone. During the 14-month wait for surgery, Wendy continued working out in order to keep her mobility.

This meant that it was more likely that Wendy wouldn't rely on mobility devices after her surgery. 

Wendy had made many strides in her health before her surgery, and with a 3-month post-op recovery period, she was worried that everything would be lost. 

Luckily, at the 6-week mark, the surgeon cleared her for exercise, and she quickly began working one-on-one with trainer, Sarah Waller. Sarah worked to ensure Wendy could get back to group training sessions safely, and put her body back into balance. 

Thanks to Sarah and classes at the Cambie club I am like a new born. Most of all I am pain free, mobile, have excellent posture and can actually move with an impressive range. Sarah and the club members are witnesses to how far I have come and how much I have achieved. I am very moved at how much they truly care about my progress and are so proud of me.

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