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Success Story: Learn How Fitness Inspired Madison to Become a Personal Trainer

Fitness and sports were a big part of Madison's life growing up. From the age of 5 onwards, she played any sport she could.

This all came to a screeching halt once she began university. With her studies becoming her new top priority, her health and fitness suffered. She powered through school and began her career as a teacher, but found still found it difficult to make time for exercise. After continuing on like this, she realized that her life needed to change and that she wanted to be healthy again.


I joined Steve Nash Port Coquitlam Fitness World at the very end of December of 2017, started with a personal trainer there at the beginning of March of 2018, and am now putting my kinesiology minor to good use working as a personal trainer at that same location!

Madison has far exceeded her expectations since working with her trainer, Jamie C. She has managed to cut over 17 inches off her body, is hitting new personal records on her exercises all the time, finds she isn't sick nearly as often as she used to be, and is overall a much happier person.


She cherishes and fosters the sense of community her gym provides her. One of the greatest joys in life for her has come in the way of joining the team herself.


The entire staff, from the trainers, to the sales team, to the people at the front desk were all so welcoming, encouraging, and friendly. I have also met many other awesome members as well! That’s where I was set up with an awesome trainer who has helped me through so much in my journey. By joining the personal training team myself, I am now hoping to help others find the same success and happiness that I found.

Her fitness journey is far from over. While weight is still an important part of her goals, she is focusing on becoming more well-rounded in her exercise. She is managing to hit the gym 5-6 times a week and sees Jamie at least twice a week. She is eager to pass on all her knowledge everything she has learned to help people who were once like her achieve their goals.

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