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Success Story: Learn How Sean Was Able to Bounce Back After An Injury

Ruptured achilles tendon (twice), poor recovery, and news of a divorce; times were tough for Sean. 

Over the course of a year, Sean had ruptured his achilles tendon twice, a difficult injury to overcome. 

In addition, he had packed weight from being unable to be active, while dealing with personal issues with recent news of a divorce. 

"Prior to coming to the gym, I worked with physiotherapists and other medical professionals to try and regain my flexibility with the goal of just getting better," Sean said.


After months of recovery, he felt he was still out of shape, overweight, with poor flexibility. 

"It was a painful, expensive struggle, and just walking was hard," he said. "My whole body was affected because I had to tailor my movement just to be comfortable getting around." 

That's when Sean found Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club. He wanted a place to go to that had all the equipment, trainers, facilities and amenities to help him get back on track. 

"I had to get back to work, as I have to kids to care for," he said. 

Sean started training with Harry at Richmond Sports Club, who had experience and expertise working with people recovering from injuries. After enforcing a diet plan, providing help with flexibility, movement, and weight training, things changed significantly for Sean. 

Sean went from 180 pounds to 150, dropped his body fat percentage from 30% to 19%, and put on 8 pounds of muscle.

"Overall, I have been very pleased with my entire experience at Steve Nash," he said. "My journey so far has not been easy, however, I'm grateful to Harry for keeping me accountable and guiding me along the way throughout the transition. 

What a story, Sean. We're so proud to see how far you've come. Keep up the good work! 

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