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Success Story: Learn How Michelle Got Her Life Back Through Fitness!

Before her fitness journey, Michelle struggled mentally and emotionally, manifesting into weight gain and auto-immune illnesses. 

Michelle had a high-stress job as an Architectural Designer to help design and build the Vancouver Olympic Athletes Village project. The long hours and stress that came from the role led to stress eating, smoking, and drinking. 

After several years, her health took a dramatic decline. She was hospitalized for a week, was diagnosed with ITP, an auto-immune illness, while having indicators for Lupus. 

I went on and had two kids and tried to balance Motherhood and Architectural Career. I didn't learn from the first time, so my body physically manifested in Lupus flare-ups and I was hospitalized again, unable to move. All my joints and muscles were inflamed and aching. Not long after I recovered, I was laid off from work.

Being laid off from work, however, ended up being a blessing in disguise, forcing her to re-evaluate what was important in her life.

Michelle stepped foot in Steve Nash Fitness World in Cambie. She initially weighed in at 180 pounds after having her second child. 

After doing Personal Training and following a strict nutritional program, she lost over 55 pounds. 


My family, my happiness, and ultimately my health are the three most important things in my life... Now, I balance my and family life. I have no more pain, and don't have to take any medication. Since joining the club in January 2018, I have completely turned my life around. I am eating healthier, become more active, and motivated to live a fulfilling life. 

Michelle feels stronger and inspired to try new things that she hasn't before. She's gained confidence in herself mentally and physically, and feels she has the strength to take better care of her family.


The club has provided a place for me to focus on myself. The classes, Personal Training, and programming set out by the trainer and dotFIT program has helped my set up for a healthier lifestyle. Cambie Fitness World gave me a big kick-start to how I want to live out the rest of my life.

Amazing, Michelle. We're inspired by your story to recovery, and motivated by your drive to improve your health to better take care of your family!

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