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Success Story: How Kevin Overcame Injuries With Group Fitness!

Kevin had struggled with injuries, inactivity while sitting at a desk, and poor diet choices. 

But, after his first fitness assessment with Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports at Kitsilano, things changed for him mentally and physically. 

"The initial fitness assessment helped gauge my fitness level and where I needed to focus on," Kevin said. "How to engage my core and modify exercises to lift safely without aggravating prior injuries." 

Kevin then went into Group Fitness classes to get his heart rate pumping. From spin and cycle classes, Tabata, and Pilates, they were his go-to methods of getting his cardio in, especially under a time crunch. 


He also managed to learn from the awesome community of members in the gym, picking up some tips from those working out. 

"I also started mirroring some of the techniques and discipline from other regular members at Steve Nash whole physiques I aspired to have," he said. "Their focus and consistency were great motivators." 

Luckily for Kevin, one of the greatest joys of his life motivated him to workout consistently: his daughter. 

"One of the most important aids in my fitness journey is the child-minding centre; it's great to be able to get a full workout in and bring my kid along," he said. "On days when I'm feeling sluggish, my daughter pushes me: 'come on Daddy, let's go to gym daycare!'" 

What a fun, inspiring story, Kevin!
Looking forward to seeing you and your daughter in the gym! 

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