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Success Story: Learn how Jackie overcame "mommy depression" with fitness!

This mom of three struggled with her health, especially after her third pregnancy. After finding out she was obese, she said yes to Personal Training, changing her live forever. 

Jacqueline is an entrepreneur, and a mother of three; a superhero if you'd like to call it that. 

However, after her third pregnancy, she had gained a significant amount of weight, more than she had initially thought. 

"10 months after my youngest daughter was born, I signed up for a gym membership so I could start going to Group Fitness classes," she said. "The same day I got a free consultation with a trainer... when the body composition analyzer machine said that I was obese, it really hit me."

Jacqueline wasn't happy with herself anymore, finding it difficult to carry the weight around. Her metabolism was slow, and she didn't feel like herself anymore. 

She took the chance at Richmond Fitness World, immediately pursuing Personal Training to speed up the process of her goal, which was to drop 30 pounds.


When Jacqueline said yes to Personal Training, she had no clue what she was getting herself into. 

I loved training with a Personal Trainer so much," she said. "I really connected with my trainer and enjoyed coming to workout with her. She was very thorough explaining my workouts and nutrition tips to me.

At the end of her Personal Trainer sessions, she lost 20 pounds of fat, and achieving a body that she was happy with. 

Today I am a happier person because of the progress I've made. I am happy with the person I see in the mirror. I have a lot more energy to do things with my children. My body is no longer in aches and pains from carrying around too much extra weight. I feel and look younger again and my metabolic age has improved drastically from when I started my fitness journey.

Amazing story, Jacqueline! We are extremely honoured to be part of such big change in your life! 

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