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Success Story: Karen V. lost over 90 pounds thanks to Spin Class

For years, Karen struggled with knee pain and fatigue, limiting her participation in activities. 

Last year when she shared her story with us, Karen listed her main challenges being chronic pain, inconsistent eating habits, and an achilles injury she ran into. 

Her initial goals were to lose weight and improve her overall health, which she accomplished by realizing the changes she needed to make, starting with Spin class!

"I needed the change. I began by changing how I ate and came back to the gym," she said. "I started with a spin class and it was intimidating to say the least. I kept coming back for more and last summer, I added Personal Training to my routine." 



With the help of her Personal Trainer, Daniel, from Coquitlam Fitness World, she's lost over 90 pounds over time. Now she's focusing on increasing her strength. 

"At the beginning, I thought he was unrealistic about what I could do," Karen said. "Now, I understand. Daniel saw the strengths in me that I couldn't see in myself." 

As she continues to work with Daniel, she's constantly evolving as her strength increases, with her confidence growing. 

She's no longer limited in her activities, going outdoors for hikes, paddle boarding, and plenty more adventurous things. 

It was not a quick and easy fix for Karen, but she's grateful for where she's at now. 

"It's taken about two years, but I am happy to have gone through this process slowly so that the habits I learned are set for life."