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Success Story: How Vanessa Lost 100lbs And Overcame a Series Of Back Injuries!

In November 2016, Vanessa was suffering from recurrent back injuries. She was advised by a  chiropractor to lose weight in order to take the pressure off of her spine. That was when she first started a lifestyle change! 

Vanessa started on a low carb/ketogenic diet to lose weight quickly. She cut out most processed foods and focused on a whole food diet plan. After losing about 50lbs she decided it was time to get active! Vanessa started working out in her basement mainly focusing on cardio.

After sometime doing only cardio, her chiropractor recommended her to add weight lifting to her routine.  Strengthening the core would help with her back pain, as well. That was when she joined Lougheed Fitness World. 

Steve Nash offered a very welcoming and inclusive/non intimidating space to come and workout. I have met a lot of like-minded individuals whom I see on a regular basis which makes my time in the gym more comfortable.


Within a year Vanessa lost 100lbs of fat and longer suffers from chronic lower back pain! She thanks her Personal Trainer, David, for the helping her achieve her goals: 

I have trained with David Noda for about 30 sessions, and hopefully more to come in the future. He has really helped me achieve many of my small goals over the year that I’ve been coming to Steve Nash.


Now, Vanessa's focus is less on fat loss and more on muscle gain, strength and stability. It took about 1 year for her to reach her fat loss goal, but she's excited to continue to work on new goals every day!

Congrats, Vanessa! Keep challenging yourself!  

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