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Success Story: How Thomas Nelles Overcame Chronic Pain & Built 22 lbs of Muscle In 6 Months!

Being naturally tall and skinny, Thomas Nelles was constantly reminded of his build from friends, peers and family growing up. He has been active and worked out before, but 3 years ago he began to suffer from chronic Tonsillitis.3 years worth of extremely painful weeks at a time that would reoccur every month. His throat was permanently swollen, almost completely shut at times. Doctor after doctor, walk-in clinic after walk-in clinic; not one doctor could figure it out.

He was no longer hungry or eating and would have to force himself to eat or drink water. Taking a few bites of a meal would be utterly tiring and he would fall asleep immediately after eating. 

This condition had taken a toll on my body and in hindsight, I was never going to improve on my own through rest. While I had always been skinny, I hit a new low of 130lbs. After finally fighting to see a specialist and correcting the tonsillitis, I began to get my fitness and health on track.

GET A FREE 7-DAY PASSThomas wanted to return to the gym, but this time he was fully committed about getting his fitness on the right track. He then started working out at Morgan Crossing Sports Club with his Personal Trainer, Gary.


In the beginning of this journey with Gary, Thomas was 140lbs, 17lbs under the suggested median weight for hid height, age and gender. They immediately began working to bulk and gain weight. Through eating a more strategic diet and lifting heavy 3-4x a week, he was able to make consistent progress: In the course of 6 months, Thomas gained 30lbs while keeping his body fat at 9%!

Steve Nash and Gary taught me the right routines and diet to reach my weight gain goal. Also, the Morgan Crossing Platinum level gym has an extensive range of equipment to constantly switch up workouts and challenge myself. Most importantly, while I pushed myself to reach my goal, Gary was a great teacher and worked alongside me to push my fitness level as well.

Today, Thomas continue to lift heavy 3-4x a week, keep up a healthy diet and build more muscle and size naturally. With the help of his trainer, he is back to living a healthy and active lifestyle in a new and improved form! 

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