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Success Story: How Personal Training Helped Anzhelika Achieve What She Thought Was Impossible!

I think what I am most proud of, are not the results that you may see, but what it took for me to get here.

Moving to Canada alone at the age of 17 was a real challenge to Anzhelika. She struggled so much with adjusting to her new life, that she developed physical problems such as head aches, migraines, and cardiovascular disfunction.

Anzhelika then decided to go back home to get more medical help and be with her family. After 2 months, she returned to Canada and nothing much changed. She started eating unhealthily and ended up gaining 10 kg over the span of 1 year.

When she realized that her unhealthy habits were affected her daily routine, she decided it was time to make a change! Anzhelika started slowly by doing cardio at her apartment gym. Without seeing any results, she knew she had to take one more step forward. That was when she decided to join Steve Nash Fitness Clubs at Lougheed Town Centre and seek help from a Personal trainer.

She asked for the best trainer that could help her achieve her fitness goals. That was when she met Rochelle Konath. Initially, Anzhelika expected that Rochelle would tell her what to do and show her what was "right" and healthy. She was surprised when realized that the trainer was actually focused on how she wanted to look/feel like and the lifestyle she wanted to live! 



Before I became a member of Steve Nash and met Rochelle, I couldn't even think that a girl like me was capable of lifting as much as I lift right now, of having stamina to go through all those training sessions - which were not easy by the way -, and of having so much self-confidence to try out new things and make sure to do them properly.

Anzhelika is now lifting weights that once looked monstrous to her. She looks at herself from a different perspective. Her fitness journey showed that impossible is possible when you believe in yourself. She thanks Rochelle for opening her eyes and showing how far she can actually go.


Rochelle is not only my personal trainer, but my example to follow, and my friend, who was able to change my mindset . Rochelle helped me overcome the barriers of my mind, show that the impossible is possible, and made my dream come true.

Congratulations, Anzhelika! Keep up the good work! 

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