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Success Story: How Merle Overcame A Series Of Health Problems Towards A Balanced Lifestyle!

When Merle joined Steve Nash Fitness 3 years ago, she was just recovering from both a golf injury as well as a prolonged battle with a serious flu virus. 

At that moment, Merle was determined to get her health and energy back again and find a program to build bone density. After a few weeks working with Ricardo Ordonez, her personal  trainer, she regained her health and was participating in her  walking and hiking activities again.

Unfortunately, a few months later she had a big setback due to a surgery to remove a stage 2 melanoma and a broken hip that stopped her from exercising. After 3 months of recovery, Merle returned to the gym and, with the help of Ricardo, was able to regain mobility and range of motion in under 6 months! 

Ricardo's experience and knowledge has enabled me to achieve a range of motion I didn't think was possible after both surgeries. His guidance in developing a training program that keeps challenging my body to reach for higher levels has enabled me to build muscle and flexibility in new parts of my body. 


Under his expert guidance, she regained flexibility and strength and started making real gains in slowly getting back to walking with my walking groups. The quick recovery even surprise her surgeon on her 6-month checkup! 

The wide range of equipment, the staff, and, most particularly, my personal trainer really helped me to do the kind of rehabilitation work I needed to do for each of my recovery situations and to continue to pursue my goal of optimizing my health and fitness.

Merle is now steadily building and surpassing all of her previous fitness targets. She feels strong and energized, and is pleased with the level of muscle building, flexibility and range of motion she've achieved so far.

I feel stronger and healthier now than anytime in my life. 3-hour rigorous hikes pose no problem at all. My hope is that with all of this training, in addition to my wide range of physical activities, that I will maintain bone density in spite of having osteoporosis.

Keep up the great work, Merle! We are so proud to be part of your journey!  

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