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Success Story: How Kristen's Reluctant Fitness Journey Has Changed her Life

You don't always actively seek out fitness, but one way or another it has a way of working itself into your life.

Kristen's fitness journey began on a reluctant note. Her work was hosting a 60 day Biggest Loser Challenge to promote health and exercise. She initially had no interest in participating, but was later convinced to join by one of her co-workers.

That turned out to be one of the best decision of her life. Kristen began her journey on her own, and was able to find tremendous success. In the last year, she has lost over 130lbs!


With she was 40lbs away from her goal weight, she realized she would need some extra help and motivation. That's when she stepped into Steve Nash Langley Fitness World ready to tackle the rest of her fitness goal. She signed-up for personal training sessions with Lindy, to help her get the most out of all the equipment the gym had to offer. 

While her journey has been anything but easy, Kristen could not be happier to have started on it.


Weight loss is tough and unpredictable. Some days you eat salad and feel amazing and other days you eat 2 chocolate bars and don’t want to move out of bed. I have put myself in a mindset that activity is not a bad thing, and food is fuel, not indulgement. I continue to move forward successfully with my weight loss and continue to motivate the people around me.

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Today, Kristen is only 12 pounds away from her my goal weight! She is feeling happier, healthier, and more energetic than ever before! She is feeding her body with the nutrition and the exercise it needs. Inspired by her own success, she is leading the Biggest Loser challenge at her work this year and is actively encouraging others to join.

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