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Success Story: How Gemma H. learned to believe in herself

You are the only one holding you back to meet your goals. Gemma H. learned that she needed to believe in herself in order to tackle some of life's hardships. 

Gemma always told herself that she was never athletic. She never believed she was good enough in sports, and never pushed herself to pursue fitness or exercise. Gemma accepted her less-than-mediocre results in school sports. 

She had also been a long-time member at Steve Nash Brentwood Sports Club, but had never worked with a personal trainer. After her friend, Amanda, began training sessions, Gemma was intrigued, but scared to try it out for herself. Her belief that she was not good enough took control. 

Luckily, Amanda took the reigns and signed Gemma up for a free personal training session. 

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Gemma went to her first session fearing the unexpected. Yes, it was hard. But YES, she was also able to do it! Immediately, she signed up with personal trainer, Jon M. 

Success Story: How Gemma H. learned to believe in herself

The support that he gives me is incredible. He challenges me. He holds me accountable. He pushes me to my edge, and then shows me I can go further. He has given me the confidence to try. To push past the fear. To just do. The best part is – it’s fun!

Within her first three months, Gemma had lost 24lbs and 2 dress sizes–but her biggest accomplishment is how she feels inside and how she has learned to believe in herself. 

Throughout Gemma's journey, and long before it began, she and her husband have been trying to have a baby. After over 7 years, and numerous setbacks and disappointments, her grief had become overwhelming. 

Since beginning her fitness journey, Gemma finds she has more energy and gets better sleep that makes her better suited to cope with stress. She is mentally prepared to begin the next leg of her journey to parenthood, alongside her husband.

This journey has given me belief in myself. I am good enough. I AM ATHLETIC!

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