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Success Story: How Fitness Helped Nathalie Graham Regain Self-Confidence and Start a New Life!

Nathalie Graham has always struggled with confidence and compared herself to others. Her lack of confidence led her to believe that she couldn't make any positive changes in her life and ended up giving up on taking care of herself.

She gained weight and got really good at being the "funny girl" in the group. Behind all the humour she was really struggling. Nathalie ate away her self-worth again and again and when she looked in the mirror she could only see the negative.

Everything changes when one day...

I was sitting on the floor of my apartment feeling particularly crappy one night and I looked up and saw a picture of my big brother sitting on my shelf, his birthday was coming up, he would be turning thirty this year, except that he wouldn't be because he died in a car accident a few years ago. The combination of everything hit my heart like a ton of bricks.

Nathalie realized that even though she didn't know how to begin to improve herself she had to  start somewhere because her brother would not have recognized the current version of her. Besides, she had something valuable that he will never have: time. That's when she arranged her first free personal training assessment.

She was nervous and afraid to fail when she met her trainer, Stephen. Together, they talked about her goal: to be functional. She needed to forget the mirror and the scale, and focus on a physical attainable achievement. Nathalie stresses the importance of her partnership with Stephen: 

He is a stickler for perfect form and is always tweaking my movements by tiny amounts to make sure i'm getting the most out of my workout without ever injuring myself and no workout is ever the same so you can't get bored or stagnant. He walks you through nutrition and has helped me find a plan that I can stick to.


10 months later Nathalie was able to crush all her goals! She went from 27% to 19% body fat, she can crank out pull ups, dead lifts, hip thrusts and created a passion for exercise! More importantly, she became self-confident and stoped comparing herself to others.

She did the Spartan Sprint, the full 17km Tough Mudder, climbed mountains, went kayaking, bouldering, wore a bikini without feeling self-conscious and asked out a cute guy in a bar. She did all those things not because she is now fitter on the outside, but because these 10 months have made her stronger on the inside.

I couldn't have done it without Steve Nash Fitness. The whole team at Howe and Davie are just wonderful. It's not just my trainer, though he has been crucial, it's the whole team. They are so welcoming and friendly and they get to know you, they really become your personal cheerleaders; encouraging you when you come in, commenting on the progress your making and helping you with everything from using the equipment to where to find the best fitness apps.

But Nathalie did not stop! She has been working out with Stephen to gain more strength and core stability. She works out 3-5 times a week with a mixture of weight training and HIIT, and Steve Nash has become her happy place. After completely transforming her mentality about failure, Nathalie now sees it as a first step towards succeeding! 

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