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Success Story: How Fitness Helped Christina Recover From Injuries & Discover A New Lifestyle!

In 2015, Christina suffered two back injuries that lead her to being bed ridden for the greater part of 2016. She was in constant pain and couldn't sit, stand, or even walk without the pain shooting down her legs and back.

During that year, Christina gained a lot of weight from the lack of mobility and became depressed. She turned to food for comfort and a cycle began...  She would eat because she was sad and in pain, which led to more weight gain and more sadness.

In 2017, after a year of slow but steady recovery, Christina was finally able to manage the pain and get back to her normal life. She then decided it was time to reclaim her health and fitness again. That was when she stepped foot into Steve Nash Marine Gateway for the first time. During her first visit to the gym, Christina was introduced to Dean Fitzsimons, the Personal Trainer that would change her life! 

When I was introduced to Dean, that was the beginning of my journey to the best version of myself. Dean worked with my injuries and helped me to regain mobility and range of motion. He identified areas that needed to be strengthened and re-aligned.


Christina was committed to change! With the help of her trainer, she started a new diet plan and made workout a priority in her life. She thanks the gym community at Steve Nash Marine Gateway for encouraging and supporting her throughout her fitness journey.

Everyone in the gym is so nice and welcoming. It feels really good when people comment on the progress they see me making! They recognize the hard work I am putting in and it helps me to push myself even harder.


One year after she first stepped foot into Steve Nash Marine Gateway, Christina is the strongest she's ever been. After losing 50 pounds, she feels confident to challenge herself every day, in and out of the gym. She conquered the Grouse Grind, does stand up paddle boarding, long hikes and rides her bike to commute around the city! 

What started as recovery, it's now a lifestyle!

I look forward to working out and getting a good sweat in. I suffer from anxiety and depression and the gym has saved my life. Having my training sessions with Dean makes me accountable to him. I go in, I train, I sweat, and I walk away feeling a lot better than if I stayed home and wallowed in my depression. My relationship with food has improved. I know what healthy foods my body needs for fuelling my workouts and recovery. My life now is 100x better than it was a year ago. No more pain, increased strength, lower weight, actually have muscles, and my body just looks and feels fitter and healthier!

We're super happy to have you in our community. Congrats for your achievements, Christine! 

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