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Success Story: How Exercise Helped Christian Overcome An Abusive Relationship With Pills

Christian's fitness journey started in 2016 when he moved to Vancouver due to a new job opportunity. Almost immediately he sought out a new gym, which happened to be the Steve Nash Fitness Club on West 12th and Cambie, and became a member! 

However, in the 8 or so months following that, he would come to visit the club probably less than 5 times. The new job was very stressful and he found an outlet on excessive alcohol consumption, eating, smoking, and partying.

Christian slowly sank into depression. He began seeking out prescription medication, with the idea that it would help me deal with his personal and professional problems. He then developed a short but abusive relationship with both Ritalin and Adderall.

By February of 2017, he was in the worst shape of his life, both emotionally and physically. Depressed, stressed, and the heaviest and most out of shape he has ever been. His unhealthy lifestyle started affecting his job performance and his personal relationships. That was when he decided to make some big changes!

Approximately 8 months after signing up for a membership, Christian stepped foot into a Steve Nash Sports Club again. He knew that he had to work on himself first to be able to deal with his personal and professional problems. He then took a couple months off from work and completely dedicated his time to making himself a happier and healthier. He would workout 6 times a week and the gym became his second home!

Steve Nash has been my home away from home. I am there almost every day. Besides the obvious of providing equipment for me, Steve Nash provides a welcoming community. The staff at my current club are always smiling and friendly, and I see the same fellow gym goers which I can say the same.

Christian considers dieting the most challenge part of this fitness journey. He knows that his progress hasn't been perfect and that he've had a few setbacks. However he is still proud of what he achieve so far and specially for the new lifestyle. Working out is much more than a physical routine for him, it is a form of therapy! 

While I do train for strength and aesthetics, the real thing that keeps me coming back is the smile that it puts on my face. When I step in the gym, and put on some music, everything else seems to wash away and I walk out with a feeling that is incomparable to anything else in the world. The physical attributes are just a perk. I am about 2.5 years in to my journey, however saw incredible results within 6 months of hard work and proper diet. You only have to go once to start the change! 

Congratulations, Christian! We are extremely honoured to be part of such big change in your life! 

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