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Success Story: How Emily Found Self-love Through fitness

Self-love is one of the keys to finding true happiness, and that's what happened with Emily. 

Emily was always working out at Steve Nash; she wanted to lose weight, and even booked training sessions. 

However, she wasn't fully committed to the process. She lacked focus, and wasn't putting in the effort necessary to reach her goals. Why? 

"I wasn't committed enough at home... I wasn't being smart with my nutrition," said Emily. "I didn't believe in myself. I never thought I would reach my goal. I think I was accepting that I would forever be unhappy with my body." 

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Even as things started to change in her life—new job, new friends that were happy to have Emily in their lives, cut out negativity—Emily felt like it wasn't enough.

"I wasn't happy enough, I didn't love myself," she said. "I was constantly sick, my eating habits left me sluggish and lazy."

But, she stepped up before it was too late. With the encouragement and help of her trainer, Nathaniel at Howe & Davie Fitness World, her lifestyle drastically changed for the better. 


Emily started training 4 times a week, while coming in by herself. She always started every workout with 30 minutes of cardio, and started waking up early at 6 a.m. everyday to clean, make and eat breakfast, workout, and push through an entire 8 to 12 hour workday. 

"I had way more energy than I've ever had," she said. "Not only was I way more productive, but the things I accomplished at the gym amazed me. It's extremely empowering, I feel like a whole new person."

Emily now has a newfound confidence and self-pride she's never had before. It has also paid off for her acting career, bringing a confidence into auditions, booking roles, and one of her short films were included into the film festival in Hollywood.

"Im very excited. I feel beautiful, but not just on the outside," she said. "My personality feels beautiful now, I feel lucky to be me. It's amazing what fitness has done for my life."

Emily also credits Nathaniel largely for what he has done for her life.


"Nathaniel helped me believe in myself and in the things I can now accomplish. I would for sure not be where I am without him; he was a huge help and influence in my fitness journey. Thanks Nathaniel!"

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