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Success Story: How Chloe Letellier Gained Her Life Back Through Fitness

Chloe was overweight pretty much her entire life. She grew up practicing sports, but after the divorce of her parents, the pounds started adding on as the years went by, and she reached her highest weight: 232lbs.

Growing up being bullied at school because of her weight made Chloe feel worthless, hopeless, and eat even more. She then started trying diet after diet to get rid of the pounds, and stop the bullying at school. She would lose a few pounds each time, but put back at least twice the amount lost, if not more.

But one day everything changed! The day she weighed herself and saw 232lbs on the scale. At that time, she just ended an internship and was about to move to Canada. That was the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and become the best version of herself!

I registered at Steve Nash as soon as I arrived in Canada two years ago, and have been coming every week ever since. I committed to myself, to my health, and I know I will never give up on that. It is no longer about how much weight can I lose as fast as possible. It's about becoming better, stronger and exceeding PRs.

Chloe's real fitness journey started after she booked a nutrition consultation and her first training session. She was able to understand the importance of the different macronutrients, how calories work and fell in love with weight lifting!


Chloe started working out with the Personal Trainer Brian Lin at the Yaletown Steve Nash location. She would also take Zumba and Barre group fitness classes at least two times per week! 

Over the past two years, Chloe lost 50lbs and have never felt so good in her own skin! For the past 8 to 9 months, she has been going to the gym six days a week, splitting workouts between the classes, and lifting weights. 

The Steve Nash Yaletown staff has been the best support I could have asked for. They believed in me since the beginning of my journey and do everything they can to help me achieve my goals. I have a trainer, Brian, and he is so much more than just my trainer. He is always there for me, especially on days where I don't feel motivated. He pushes me to challenge myself, and seeing how he believes in me makes me believe it too.

Throughout her journey, Chloe learned that fitness is not a destination, but a lifestyle! She now feels proud for sticking to the commitment she made to herself and her biggest motivation to go to the gym is the feeling of accomplishment it gives her every day!

Of course, they are moments where the old me, who eats too much chocolate to cope with changes in her life, tries to come back, but the amazing support of the Steve Nash community always brings back the best of me, and I always end up gaining my motivation back.

Way to go, Chloe! We couldn't be more proud of being part of your success story! 

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