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Success Story: Find Out How Molly Got Back on Track After Her Pregnancy

After her first pregnancy, Molly realized how hard it was to lose the baby weight.

She ate whatever she craved during her first pregnancy, indulging in fast food and ice cream, to the point where one of the local fast food chains knew what her regular order was.

"I thought the weight would just fall off during breastfeeding," Molly said. "Boy, was I wrong."

She weighed in around 213 pounds with her first child. 

However, she managed to turn it around after finding Personal Trainer, Maria, at Steve Nash Langley. 

"(I) started training with Maria three days a week," she said. "She worked with me on nutrition and pushed me to stay away from the fast food." 


Eventually, Molly lost the weight and was 160 pounds.

After time passed, Molly got pregnant again! But this time, she knew what to do. She worked with Maria two to three days a week up until two weeks before her c-section date.

After her delivery, she weighed in at 209 pounds, but was back at the gym 6 weeks after her delivery. 

The weight came off much easier and faster because I was in much better shape and knew how to lose it. Now, I'm 150 pounds, feeling strong, confident and beautiful. Everyday at the gym, people are coming up to me saying what a transformation I've made and how amazing I look. I feel like a new person and love who I am.

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