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Success Stories: Learn How Fitness Re-inspired Kyla to Be Active Again!

When Kyla went into her undergrad, she forgot that she needed to take care of herself. 

Growing up, she was a dedicated ballet dancer for 10 years of her life, staying active and fit through rigourous training. 

When she "threw herself" into her degree, she forgot about her fitness level and didn't stay as active as she used to.

For years, she struggled with muscle and joint issues in her feet, legs, and lower body. She also wanted to lose weight, stress, and improve her mental well-being.

That's when she decided to join Steve Nash Marine Gateway and get Personal Training. 

"My fitness journey began with improving my mobility and strength... which is something I've struggled with ever since I can remember. I've been lucky to find a small community within this gym that has helped keep me inspired and active. I feel lucky to have made friendships and relationships during my journey, and I don't think it would have been the same anywhere else." 

Today, she's challenging herself to keep improving her strength and mobility. The gym is something she can't live without, both physically and mentally: "speaking as someone who's about to finish her second degree and needs all the stress relief out there!" 


"I've lost some fat, but gained tons of confidence, and I feel like I can be a good role model to the young children I'll be teaching soon after I finish my education degree!" 

We're so proud to have been a part of your journey, Kyla! We can't wait to see you inspiring the young ones in being active, fit, and helping them build their self-confidence just as you have done for yourself. 

Want amazing results and a new-found-self? We have confidence that you can become the best version of yourself... ever. Get a FREE Personal Training session today! 

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