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2019 Success Stories Finalist: George Layne Set Out to Be the Fittest 62 Year Old on Earth

George had a simple goal, to be the best 62-year old possible.

George has had a love of fitness and exercise ever since high school. Sports brought out his competitive side and his absolute disdain of losing.

Eventually making his way to the gym, George discovered that the gym could be a good stress reliever–and throughout his 20's to 50's, he would lift weights and cycle at least 4 times a week.

This all changed in 2010 when he was rear-ended in a car accident that left him with extensive back injuries. After experiencing another injury at work, exercising without pain was near impossible.

George had never used a personal trainer at the gym before, but with his new limitations, he figured he could use some professional advice. 



I signed up with a trainer named Jory who really got me understanding my body and my limitations to strength training. Jory set me on a rehab program that together got my back and my body back to normal.

Success Stories Finalist: George Layne Set Out to Be the Fittest 62 Year Old on Earth

George had his body back to feeling like its old self until he suffered another setback, this time to his lower back. Around the same time, he received a call to try personal training again. He agreed, but had a specific goal in mind; he wanted to be as fit as possible for the final third of his life. His competitive spirit that came out during his high school days came back out stronger than ever. 


I want to return to my work place when I’m 95 years old and show my buddies (who are half my age) what I can do at 95 and say, “You think I was old then, look who looks old now?” pointing at them all in good fun as we have today.


After signing up with 36 personal training sessions, George was ready to get to work on his goal. This is where he met his new trainer, Rochelle, at the Lougheed Town Centre Fitness World.

Success Stories Finalist: George Layne Set Out to Be the Fittest 62 Year Old on Earth

George's initial thoughts were that he had been paired with a rookie trainer, but he was quickly proven wrong!

Throughout his 36 sessions, they worked together to transform his workout routine to fit his needs, and find ways to make exercise something to look forward to.

As George and Rochelle's working relationship grew, they started getting more serious about developing his fitness routine for maximum results. 

The program was gradual, focused, and then intense. We worked on all the muscle groups with the idea of “I need the best results” if I am going to get to my personal goal. I work out six days a week, more than 2 hours each time, with or without Rochelle, and love it! As I look back, there should have been a Go Pro strapped onto me to record the commitment. I was dedicated about reaching my goal and had to train consistently and hard.

Success Stories Finalist: George Layne Set Out to Be the Fittest 62 Year Old on Earth

Rochelle also oversaw one of the biggest changes to George's life outside the gym; his diet. While George was eating healthy before, his diet lacked consistency and dedication. George now lives off a clean, and lean diet of chicken, any and every vegetable on the planet, brown rice, eggs, almond milk, and a fruit a day. While it's tough work, it has been a proven means of getting him the results he wants to see. 

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George's fitness journey has been full of unexpected twists and turns. He has rediscovered his ability to do exercises he hasn't been able to do since his youth, and is constantly amazing himself at the new exercises he is now able to do. While there have been some more injury-related setbacks along the way, George feels that his workout routine will help him deal with anything life throws his way. He feels a sense of pride knowing that his transformation has inspired his coworkers to make similar goals and strive to live healthier lives.


I give great thanks to Rochelle, Matt, my wife, and kids for the patience, knowledge, time given up, tolerance, support and encouragement they have endured during my road to being the best 62 year old. 

Congrats George on striving towards being the healthiest 62 year old and best of luck in the future years to come!


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