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Success Story: See How Mahtab And Her Sister's Dream Came True With Fitness!

Mahtab and her twin sister struggled their entire lives trying to lose weight, trying all kinds of diets. Nothing worked, until they found Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club in Lonsdale.

For as long as they could remember, Mahtab and her sister have longed to lose weight, but nothing ever worked for them, trying every possible diet out there.

"I cannot tell you how many times we quit," she said. "We gave up 2-3 days later, or we weren't seeing the results."

Mahtab and her twin sister have struggled with Thyroid problems, one of the main reasons they have gained weight. 

However, they weren't living a healthy lifestyle. Obesity caused the twins to become socially isolated, struggling with confidence and happiness because they felt embarrassed with how their body looked.


"At one point, we realized that we have to stop our bad habits and change our lifestyle," Mahtab said. "We signed up for a gym membership at Steve Nash and started with a Personal Trainer there." 

Within 3 months, Mahtab and her sister each lost 55 pounds, reduced their body fat percentage significantly, and increased their strength. 

"Finally, our dream came true," she said. "We can say the combination of regular workouts and eating well-balanced meals helped us reach our goal."

What a Success Story, Mahtab! We're excited to see where fitness takes you and your twin sister next!

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