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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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The Pros & Cons Of Weightlifting Shoes

By Joshua Hubbell December 31, 2019
Let’s get started. Weightlifting shoes, also known as “squat shoes,” have an elevated heel. The purpose of the elevated heel is to allow athletes to achieve a greater depth or range of motion in...

Success Story: How Mengting Lost Over 18% Body-Fat & Became His Best Version!

Mengting was over-weight for the past 10 - 15 years, because of his bad life style and diet habits. As he got into his 30s, he could feel some health issues. He started having sleep apnea, which...

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Aerial Yoga

By Fawn Gill December 29, 2019
If you’ve always dreamed of flying through the air with the greatest of ease, do we have the class for you. Aerial Yoga is the hottest class out there these days and with good reason: It’s fun, easy...

How Set Smart New Year's Resolutions (& Stick To Them!)

By Bianca Gurgel December 27, 2019
2020 is here, and with the new year comes 365 new opportunities for you to become the best version of yourself!  We know that the initial push is always the hardest but it is what sets you up for...

7 GT12 Stations to Build Stronger Abs!

Hi, my name is Melanie Keyter. I am a personal trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World Kitsilano. My passion is to help people change their lives by starting with the CORE values, being healthy, having...

Top Nutrition Hacks Our Personal Trainers Wish You Knew!

By Meghan Melissis December 24, 2019
There's a ton of misleading info around nutrition “dos” & “don’ts” and to top it off magazines, celebs and pretty much all social media platforms  are constantly throwing the “new trend” in our face....

Success Story: Learn how Hobin found a gym to help him reach his goals

For his whole life, Hobin wanted to have more muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage, but was never in a position to be successful. 

5 Christmas Dinner Recipes You Won't Believe Are Healthy!

By Bianca Gurgel December 11, 2019
Christmas is around the corner, and sticking to a balanced nutritional plan at this time of the year can be challenging. It's healthy to let yourself indulge at the holiday's gatherings, but that...

Best Places to Hang Out Before/After a GT12 session at Downtown Sports Club!

By Reuben Dongalen Jr. December 11, 2019
At the heart of downtown is one of the best gyms in all of Vancouver: Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club.