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2018 Success Stories Winner: Tommy Grier

On the outside, Tommy looked healthy. But those who knew him, knew that he had large hurdles to get over. And six months ago, Tommy made the leap he needed to live a better life. 

UFC GYM BC Busts 3 Common MMA Myths

By Marko Vojvodic December 12, 2017
Regardless of your fitness level, UFC GYM BC aims to help you achieve your goals with courage and strength. Often, the term UFC brings to mind the octagon, bright lights, cameras, and full contact. ...

What you need to know about: Adaptogens

By Rhiannon Lytle December 11, 2017
If you’re on any kind of social media, you’ve likely heard of adaptogens. But do you actually know what they are? And do you need them in your diet?

Healthy-ish for the Holidays: Peppermint Mocha, Bulletproof-Style

By Rhiannon Lytle December 10, 2017
If peppermint and chocolate combined don't remind you of the season of giving, then we're not sure what does! But the Peppermint Mocha that you get from many coffee shops is laden with sugar and...

Holiday Gift Guide: Top Gifts for the Female Fitness Fanatic

By Rhiannon Lytle December 10, 2017
Buying gifts for the women in your life may not be the easiest task. As the holidays come near, we want to prepare you with some gift ideas for those with a passion for health and fitness. 

Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Fitness-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

By Rhiannon Lytle December 7, 2017
It's getting down to the wire, and you want to be sure to impress this holiday season! 

New Year, New Career in Fitness

By Carlyn Rumohr December 7, 2017
As we wrap up 2017 and set our sights on the New Year, we turn our focus to goals that make us happier, healthier, and stronger – including our careers. If you’ve been considering a career change, a...

Get the Skinny on Healthy Fats: EFAs

By Rhiannon Lytle December 7, 2017
Fats have always had a bad rap. Low fat yogurts, reduced-fat cheeses, oil-free stir-fry and now even "Lighter Avocado" had their time to shine, but research continues to pour in that favours...

Free Workout Guide: 12 Days of Fitmas

By Kalena Morton December 6, 2017
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Fitmas (or both!), we want to make sure that you're set for the holidays with 12 days of exercises!