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4 Ways Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Can Boost Your Spin Class Performance

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3 Healthy Side Dishes for Your Easter Dinner

By Rhiannon Lytle March 16, 2018
Whether you are hosting, or attending a celebration, there is one thing that's certain: there can never really be too many  side dishes. 

You Might Be Surprised at What a Personal Trainer Eats in a Day

By Sharaya Poulin March 16, 2018
Did you ever want to know what a Personal Trainer eats in a day? We did, too, that's why we asked Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin, to tell us what she eats in an average day. Check out her extremely...

Success Story: How Amanda Returned to Fitness After a Major Sports Injury 

 Growing up, Amanda was a sports star, participating in high school basketball, volleyball and netball. She was even part of the U-18 and U-23 Canadian national teams, until a knee injury meant she...

What You Need to Know About the Paleo Diet

By Rhiannon Lytle March 16, 2018
The basics of the paleo diet: you can only eat it if a caveman would also eat it. 

Meal Planning Made Easy with Freshii Meal Boxes

By Freshii March 16, 2018
Raise your hand if you feel like you have plenty of time to cook during the day. Heck, raise your hand if you even just don’t feel like cooking most days!

Run the BMO Vancouver Marathon with SNFC (Promo Code Inside!)

Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club is proud to be the Official Fitness Sponsor for the BMO Vancouver Marathon for four years running! We hope you are already started on your training plan for the...

4 Green Smoothies to Fuel Your St. Paddy's Day 

By Rhiannon Lytle March 13, 2018
Who doesn't love all things green for St. Patrick's Day? Green pancakes, green beer, green eggs and ham? 

New Balance Experts Give Their Must-Have Training Shoes

You love to live #BeyondSNFC, and that means training at the gym is an essential part of your week! 

Top 10 Exercises with the TRX Suspension Trainer

By Zak Syens March 9, 2018
The TRX suspension trainer is one of the most versatile modalities you can use to date. In the next 10 exercises with the TRX, I’m going to show you how to first strengthen your core, then move your...