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Cardio Tips for People Who Hate Cardio

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Want to Sweat? Try these Group Fitness Classes for Quick Calorie Burn

By Ingrid Knight-Cohee July 16, 2018
If you’re looking for the best sweat (i.e. class options that maximize calorie burn and after-burn), you’ll want to focus on a combo of high intensity interval training (HIIT), and full body strength...

Why A Reverse Diet is Essential to Maintain Weight Loss

By Rhiannon Lytle July 16, 2018
Reverse dieting is a common term in the body competition world, as this era of fitness is gains  momentum (tell me you don't know a friend of a friend who is participating). But do you know what it...

Meet Molly Smith: SNFC Ambassador, and Major Fitness Transformation Inspiration

If you're looking for motivation to start your fitness journey, or even if you've hit a plateau, you need to check out Molly (also known as @Molsinspire). 

Master the Deadlift With Tips from a Personal Trainer

By Hailee Down July 13, 2018
  Deadlifts are my favourite compound lift and they are an exercise you need to add to your exercise routine, if you haven't already. When doing them properly, they are an amazing way to build...

What a Personal Trainer Carries in Their Gym Bag

By Katie Pystchula July 13, 2018
As a personal trainer for over seven years, I have definitely had my fair share of mediocre workouts. I always find that the best way to get into your training session is by showing up prepared for...

Success Story: Ashley P. Overcame Emotional Abuse to Reach her Goal Weight

Body image is always subjective, and the relationships we are in can make us change the way we see our bodies, for better or worse.  

3 Exercises to Help You Improve Your Baseball Game

By Zak Syens July 10, 2018
The best way exercises will help you as a baseball player, is to help you prevent injury. Because baseball has a lot of stops and starts, and sudden movements, it is important to practice a proper...

Packing for Vacation? Stay Fit With These 5 Items

By Rhiannon Lytle July 10, 2018
Planning a getaway? Wherever you're going, don't let your workout routine take a hit. It's easy to take your fitness on the road with the right equipment. 

3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

By Lindy Drope July 6, 2018
Swimming is one of the best active recovery exercises, and it is a full body sport!