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Cardio Tips for People Who Hate Cardio

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How You Can Try a Free Spin Class and AXLE Class (With Mountain Views) this August

Kitsfest is back for their 10th anniversary, and we're joining them again for Spin by the Sea, on Saturday August 11. 

Exercises That Will Help Give You That Competitive Edge in Sports

By Ashaunti Hogan July 27, 2018
Have you ever seen that kid in school, that was faster than everyone? Could jump a foot higher than everyone else? Had explosive strength like a grown man?

Success Story: How Andrea W. Gained Self-Esteem and Renewed Energy

Andrea had a goal in submitting her success story: to encourage, inspire and motivate others in their journey to experience the life-changing transformation she had. 

Here's How to Master the Mechanics For a Proper Pull Up

By Sarah Wright July 23, 2018
Thanks to the internet, we constantly see monstrous feats of strength–think humungous tire flipping, truck pushing, and hammer throwing. Among all of that, we forget about the smaller (but essential)...

What Does a Personal Trainer Do On Their Day Off?

Everyone needs a rest day to recover from your workouts. Your body had time to rebuild when you rest, leaving you stronger than before. 

The Summer Salad You Need at Your Next BBQ

By Rhiannon Lytle July 20, 2018
Don't be the person to bring the potato salad to the BBQ. Be the one to bring this flavourful (and nutritious!) Quinoa Power Salad! 

How You Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level with eGym at Morgan Crossing

First of all, have you heard of eGym strength training machines? They are currently available at our Morgan Crossing Sports Club location, and any existing member, or anyone looking for a Free Goal...

How You Can Get Out of That Running Slump

By Olivia Rabb July 19, 2018
There's not much like that runners high. And when you're in a routine, running becomes an easy habit. But what happens when you hit that slump?

Success Story: How Clayton Lost Weight To Be Able To Play With His Son

Clayton was always the biggest kid in school, then the biggest guy at work, and among his friend. But with the birth of his son Clayton knew he needed to make a change.