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Packing for Vacation? Stay Fit With These 5 Items

Planning a getaway? Wherever you're going, don't let your workout routine take a hit. It's easy to take your fitness on the road with the right equipment. 

If your hotel doesn't have a gym (heck, maybe you're not even at a hotel!), you can still squeeze in some time for a killer workout, with the right equipment. 

Stay fit with these 5 items (that are actually easy to fit into your suitcase!)

Packing for Vacation? Stay Fit With These 5 Items

1. Your running shoes

This one is a no brainer (unless you're planning to get in some time on your yoga mat), and we hope you plan to bring these no matter what. 

Your running shoes are essential for you to really do any kind of physical activity while you're away. Whether you're walking miles exploring a new city, taking a hike through new forests, or going for a run along the beach, your running shoes should come with you wherever you go. 

2. One workout outfit

If you have the right material, your workout gear can dry quickly after a good rinse. And remember, you are on vacation, so you don't need to hit the gym every day.

Packing for Vacation? Stay Fit With These 5 Items

3. A jump rope

Get in a quick cardio hit with a jump rope session. It's easy to fit into your bag, and you can do it just about anywhere (just make sure there's no one around that you might hit)!

4. The right snacks

What's more tempting than an all-you-can-eat buffet at a resort, or the giant pizza from the "local" spot? And when you're hungry, it's even harder to make the right choices. 

Make sure to pack the right, healthy snack that are high in fibre and protein to keep you from getting hangry. 

Choose things like fresh fruits, pack your own trail mix with nut and dark chocolate, bring sugar-free granola, or nut butters with flax crackers. 

Packing for Vacation? Stay Fit With These 5 Items

5. Elastic bands or tubes

Similar to a jump rope, these are extremely easy to pack, and don't take up room in your luggage.

These are also multi-use. You can use them for a good stretch, or a resistance workout for nearly any body part. 

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