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New Year, New Classes: New Group Fitness Classes for 2020!

Not only are we at the start of a new year, but a new decade. The heightened level of motivation to commit to better habits for improved health and fitness couldn’t be greater! To help you launch into your personal goals and resolutions, you can count on SNFC Group Fitness programming to keep your workouts convenient, accessible and most importantly, FUN!

The year of 2020 is without a doubt going to be one of excitement and challenge. It’s an Olympic year after all! With that, we bring you two brand new class formats, as well as a few reminders on what to include in your weekly workout plan for optimal fitness results.

Try out these new Group Fitness classes to train in 2020!

20/20 is a fresh way to get a challenging workout across 3 dimensions: Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. Cardio training improves heart and lung function with 20 minutes of intense conditioning work through a variety of athletic drills on the floor or Step. The next 20 minutes focus on improving strength and toning muscles with resistance using dumbbells and other cool tools to keep you challenged.  Round out the class with targeted abdominal training followed by a deep soothing stretch.  This class gets to all major fitness components for a time efficient total body workout. 

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Simply Strength is an all-intensive workout where you make gains through simple but impactful body \weight training exercises. No need for external equipment, just challenge yourself with your own body as a tool!  You will be surprised at the movements our instructors come up with their creative minds and functional training know-how! You will cover basics like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, but experience a wide variety of innovative exercises too.  It’s back to the basics with a twist, for major results and body transformation. 

Spinning (or Group Cycling)continues to be a top trend into the next decade.  A terrific option for low impact cardio training, group cycling is truly for all levels because you decide on your personal resistance level and speed.  The instructor is there to advise on technique and suggest drills, and keep you motivated with great music, but you can always go at your own pace.  If you haven’t tried spinning yet, 2020 is the year to see what all the buzz is about!

New Group Fitness classes coming to Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club!

Stretch: Flexibility and relaxation is a powerful combination and important to counter stress.  Make this the decade to truly incorporate vital mind/body awareness and connection to keep your stress and overall well being in check. Yoga, Pilates, Fusion and a variety of Yoga extensions allow for exploring this oft neglected component of fitness.

There you have it – a recipe for an awesome start to the next decade. Here’s to you and taking on exciting classes for your fittest New Year yet!

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