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Success Story: Learn How Clayton Got a Fresh Start To Life With Fitness

Clayton went from gym to gym, struggling with a number of unhealthy habits before he finally found Steve Nash Kelowna. Before walking through the doors of Steve Nash Kelowna, Clayton had been overweight, going on short stints at various gyms before falling off shortly after joining. 

He had to deal with a number of issues plaguing his health, including food consumption, and even drugs and alcohol. 

"In December of 2016, I went to rehab for drug and alcohol issues, and soon realized my biggest and longest running problem was food," he said. "I overate every meal. I would eat to cope with problems, or alter, or enhance my mood."


During rehab, Clayton learned that he didn't have to tackle anything on his own, which allowed him to develop a new mindset. 

That's when he took the chance and did a tour of Steve Nash Kelowna.

"(I) signed up on the spot," he said. "I did the free Personal Training session and signed up for 6 more, then another 6, and so on." 

He trained weekly for a full year, and did everything his trainer, Jason, asked of him with regards to his diet and his workout routine. 

Within that span of time, Clayton dropped 100 pounds and over 20% body fat. 

"Steve Nash Fitness World literally helped me change my life. I'm happy with my life. I can play with my sons easier, getting out of bed is easier, my attitude and self confidence are night and day to where I was a little over a year ago. It feels good to be healthy." 

What a Success Story, Clayton! We're excited to see where fitness takes you next!

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