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5 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Chocolate

Whether you're spending your Valentine's Day with your SO, or with your best gal pals, a small gift can always bring that extra love. 


1. Castify Best Half Heart Typography | 2. RYU Standard Issue Tank, Beautiful Tough Graphic | 3. Fitbit |
4. Nike Classic Swoosh Futura
 | 5. BKR Tutu 500 ml | 6. Gaiam Dandelion Roar Reversable Mat 

Here are 5 last-minute Valentine's Day gifts you can get to show a little extra love. 

1. Phone Case

Everyone needs a phone case, unless you like to live your life on the edge. Make it festive with a heart themed case, or one that links you and your bestie together, forever

2. Motivational Workout Top 

Give an inpiring workout top that adds a little extra motivation each time they look in the mirror. You can also find a top that adds a little extra sass, or get creative and have a graphic t-shirt customized for the perfect motivation!

3. Fitbit

Give them the gift of accountability! Whether she's just getting into her fitness regime, or has been an exercise advocate for a while, a Fitbit will help to up her game and bring her closer to her goals. 

4. Sports Bra

A fun coloured sports bra is perfect for any season and any workout! Find out what her go-to exercise is, and work from there. Is she a runner? Get something with more support. Is she a yogi? Lower support and good coverage will help her downward dog gracefully. 

5. Waterbottle

You can never go wrong with a waterbottle, especially when it's a fun colour. Choose a glass bottle to minimize the risk of the bottle taking on any stale smells, and eliminate any chemicals that may leech off of plastic bottles. 

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