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Roundtable: Interval Training or Steady-State Cardio?

Some love cardio exercises, some don't, and for different reasons.


There are also two different types of cardio: steady-state, where you're exercising in a steady, continuous effort, and interval training, where your energy output varies throughout the program and workout.

We went to different clubs asking some of our very best Personal Trainers on their preference between Interval Training, or Steady-State Cardio, whether it's more fun, more effective, etc.

Logan Dube, BCPTI
Intervals: "Burn more calories in less time, train different HR zones, more interesting. LOTS of way do to do intervals. All the different cardio machines offer speed/resistance/incline options but also, you can mix in other exercises like battle ropes, kettlebells, sled pushes/pulls, ladder drills, etc. So you can get your cardio in but also train for other goals/movements as well."

Tony Nasato, Langley Fitness World
Intervals: "I prefer to have my clients doing Interval Training for the simple reason that it is so time effective. I can have my busy clients getting more results with less time. My second reason, is that it is much more engaging than Steady-State cardio. We can incorporate all of the cool resistance training exercises that we do together into an Interval Training program."

Kelsey Sciberras, Morgan Crossing Sports Club

  1. Keeps your mind occupied
  2. Burns calories faster
  3. Keeps your burning calories for longer
  4. Can get it done in less time


And interval training wins by a long shot! Want to incorporate interval training into your workout routine? Luckily for you, SNFC has developed its own curated fitness program, GT12, a high intensity interval training circuit designed to help you burn 1200 calories a week! 

Try it out this week!

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