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How YOU Should Celebrate National Health and Fitness Day

National Health and Fitness Day is June 2. How will you celebrate?

How great is it that we have a full day that is dedicated to health and fitness?! Make the most of it whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro. 

To celebrate at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs, we're offering a FREE workout session to non-members. 

But that's not the only way to celebrate. To help you make the most of National Health and Fitness Day, here are 5 ways you can celebrate!  


1. Go for a long bike ride

It's summer, get outside! Head to your local park with the family, or try out a new route. There are lots to find around Vancouver. We've even given you some of the most Instagrammable rides, the top rides for a sunny day, and routes for the serious cyclers, so you have lots to choose from! 


2. Plan a group workout in the park 

Have friends who loves a good HIIT workout? Grab your best pals, a few weights and yoga mats and hit the park for a group workout. 

Make it a body-weight only workout and skip the packing equipment ... or maybe pack a picnic lunch to celebrate a great workout! 


3. Get out and go for a hike 

British Columbia has some of the best hikes in the country! Make sure you pack the right food to fuel your hike. You'd be surprised at how much energy your body uses!

Not sure which hike to hit up? Check out the top hikes in BC that you should try all year long!


4. Schedule some time with your workout buddy 

Do you have a go-to workout buddy? These people are essential to pushing you at the gym, and to convince you to go on those days where you'd rather just watch the latest Netflix series. 

Plan a time with your favourite workout buddy to hit the gym, a new Group Fitness class, or head outside. 

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5. Try out a new gym 

... like Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club! Just a reminder, you can join us for FREE on June 2 for open gym time, Group Fitness classes, or talk to a trainer about your fitness goals

How will you celebrate?